Deep Blue Contacts
Deep Blue Contacts
Deep Blue Contacts
Deep Blue Contacts

Deep Blue Contacts

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        The moon, stars, and outer space have always been a point of interest of many of us. From galaxy hair to space-related accessories, our heavenly bodies have long inspired the extraordinary. Like diamonds in the sky, little stars twinkle in your eyes. With a deep blue circle, stars of different sizes, Deep Blue Contacts give you the brightest eyes like starry night.

         These deep blue contact lenses can be reused so you can try out plenty of new looks. The Deep Blue Contacts are made to be durable yet soft. The material is lightweight and breathable to help keep your eyes feeling fresh. Give your eyes a vibrant splash of shine! We’ve fused four complementary colors using the “sandwich” method to offer a lens that’s a real showstopper! Beautiful yearly lenses with a limbal ring for a bolder look. Wearing Deep Blue Contacts, hope you have the brightest eyes, and cherish the persons who accompany you all the time.

• Water content: 38%~45%
• Thickness: 0.004mm
• Texture: Polymacon
• Base curve: 8.5mm
• Diameter:14.2mm
• Packaging: 1 Pair (2 lenses)
• Period of use: 12months

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