Dark Pink Contacts
Dark Pink Contacts
Dark Pink Contacts
Dark Pink Contacts

Dark Pink Contacts

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             Feel like a celebrity with Dark Pink Contacts that incorporate a beautiful array of light to dark pink shades to create this gorgeously exotic pair of prescription colored contacts. This magical lens seems like the Andromeda Galaxy, anyone who looks into your eyes can not help falling in your irresistible charm. These dark pink contacts are so delightfully rich in pigment it’ll elevate your beauty into spectacular levels. Be careful though, you’ll fall in love with them so deep you won’t be able to stop wearing them!

            Like a pearl hidden in your eyes,Dark Pink Contacts are absolutely stunning! They are sure to brighten up any eye look in just an instant! Give your eyes a vibrant splash of shine! We’ve fused four complementary colors using the “sandwich” method to offer a lens that’s a real showstopper! Beautiful yearly lenses with a limbal ring for a bolder look. Premium quality silicone hydrogel material with tiny gas ports used to ensure breath-ability, moisture, softness, and comfort.

• Water content: 38%~45%
• Thickness: 0.004mm
• Texture: Polymacon
• Base curve: 8.5mm
• Diameter:14.2mm
• Packaging: 1 Pair (2 lenses)
• Period of use: 12months

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