Dark Blue Contacts
Dark Blue Contacts
Dark Blue Contacts
Dark Blue Contacts

Dark Blue Contacts

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    Ever dreamed of having mesmerizing eyes that literally sparkle? Then look no further with our Dark Blue Contacts! These luscious 4-tone prescription colored contacts were designed to accentuate, not change, your eyes into irresistible windows of shimmering color. Highlight your natural beauty by simply popping on a pair of these rich, pigmented Dark Blue Contacts for your eyes.

        These lenses are designed to blend with the eyes and add brightness and dimension to your look! ive your eyes a vibrant splash of shine! We’ve fused four complementary colors using the “sandwich” method to offer a lens that’s a real showstopper!Blue-eyed beauty? No worries! These colour contacts are great for you, too! They'll blend perfectly for a unique, true-to-you eye transformation!

• Water content: 38%~45%
• Thickness: 0.004mm
• Texture: Polymacon
• Base curve: 8.5mm
• Diameter:14.2mm
• Packaging: 1 Pair (2 lenses)
• Period of use: 12months

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