Hot Pink Contacts
Hot Pink Contacts
Hot Pink Contacts
Hot Pink Contacts

Hot Pink Contacts

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             With inspiration drawn from the energetic and vibrance of warm pastel colors, adorn your eyes with the Hot Pink Contacts' charming yet straightforward design. Gorgeous fireworks bloom flaring in the night sky, like the spark in your eyes shows your little affection. The grey lines scattered among the pink pattern in a radial shape, when you put on these beautiful lenses, seems like you're shimmering with charm every moment.fanciful colors of spring, these Hot Pink Contacts will accentuate your peepers with glamour! A unique semi-transparent limbal ring paired with a graduated pigmented interior makes these lenses super effective at brightening your natural eye color.

            Don't hold back and confidently show off your style, day and night with these never before seen pair of prescription color contacts.UV protection is a bonus to the gorgeous color effect and optimal comfort. Water content brings you a comfortable wearing experience from high oxygen permeability, which keeps your eyes moisture all day long. The beautiful, simple print design of these lenses means they appear utterly natural while giving you a big, bright eye look that is sure to turn heads! Stunning yet natural, Hot Pink Contacts help you achieve your favorite eye look. They're the perfect accessory for any outfit!

• Water content: 38%~45%
• Thickness: 0.004mm
• Texture: Polymacon
• Base curve: 8.5mm
• Diameter:14.2mm
• Packaging: 1 Pair (2 lenses)
• Period of use: 12months

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